Be Patient. Growing Takes Time!

Be Patient. Growing Takes Time! - South Beach Beard

    You probably are trying to find out how much time is needed for your beard to grow. You've come to the right place. Here, we'll be providing an answer to that question. Basically, the time that it takes a beard to grow differs from person to person; however, some elements can help you to speed up the process.

    When it comes to beard growth, genetics is one factor that plays a huge role in how thick, and long your beard will be. Also, it determines the amount of time needed to grow your beard which could be anywhere between 2 months and 6 years based on the length that you wish to achieve. Typically, human hair increases by ½ of an inch every month and the wider your beard is, the longer it likely will grow. If you can get to understand your hair features, then, it will go a long way in helping you to grasp the amount of time needed for the growth of your beard.


Determining your beard length

    On average, without any beard applications, your facial hair can grow as long as 3ft. Then again, remember that your genes will influence the length to which your beard grows. Facial hair shedding is one way that you can determine the length of time needed for your beard to grow. What we mean here is that when you notice your beard begins to shed, then, that is the telogen phase. At this point, you will be able to tell the amount of time it took to go from the anagen phase to the telogen phase in your case.

    Another vital information that you will get from this process is that you'll be able to know how long your beard can grow. However, always keep in mind that your facial hair does not reach the final phase simultaneously. While some of your beard hair will grow up to a few inches and stop, some may grow as long as 3ft. or even more.

    Your beard growth is affected by certain factors of which we have mentioned genes earlier. However, it is not only your genes as other factors are involved. The first group of factors is those that you have no control over which include things like your age, as well as, your race. These factors play a role in determining what your beard looks like and how long it can grow.

    Then, the other group of factors that can affect your beard growth includes things like a lifestyle, how well do eat, as well as, the level of care that you give to your beard. You can exercise control over these factors.

    These combined groups of factors will enable you to determine how long your beard can grow, as well as, the amount of time needed to grow it.

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