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Our Wave Grease is the ultimate product for the fellas looking to show off their wavy hair! Formulated to maximize wa...



Our Wave Grease is the ultimate product for the fellas looking to show off their wavy hair! Formulated to maximize waves and restore moisture, this versatile product has a long-lasting hold to keep your hair looking and feeling its best all day long. Not only is the best Wave Grease easy to apply, but it's also easy to rinse out with just soap and water. All of the ingredients used are natural, meaning you don't have to worry about exposing your hair to any chemicals or harsh ingredients like the nasty petroleum or mineral oils present in our competitor's products. This is hands down the best hair product for waves, so you can wave goodbye to worrying about a wave check!

How To Use

  1. Before you begin, make sure you have all the necessary supplies ready. You’ll need a bottle of wave grease, a comb, and a brush.
  2. Start by applying a small amount of wave grease to your palms and then rub them together to warm it up. Once the wave grease is warm, apply it evenly throughout your hair from root to tip.
  3. Use a comb to gently work the wave grease into your hair and ensure that it is distributed evenly throughout your strands.
  4. Once you’ve applied the wave grease and combed through it, use a brush to work it further into your hair and give it an even distribution throughout each strand.
  5. Style as desired: After you’ve brushed out the wave grease, style your hair as desired.

FAQ's - Wave Grease

What is wave grease?

Wave grease, also known as hair wave pomade or hair sheen, is a hair product specifically designed to make the hair appear slick and shiny. It is commonly used by individuals with textured or curly hair to create defined waves or curls.

Why should I avoid wave grease formulated with petroleum or mineral oil?

Some wave greases on the market may contain ingredients such as petroleum or mineral oil that can actually clog the pores on your scalp. This can lead to build up and potential hair damage over time. It is important to read the ingredient list when purchasing a wave grease and opt for ones that are formulated with natural oils or butters instead for healthier hair.

What are the benefits of using wave grease?

Wave grease can provide numerous benefits for individuals with textured or curly hair. Some potential benefits include:

  1. Enhances definition: Wave grease is specifically designed to enhance the natural texture of hair, creating defined waves or curls.
  2. Adds shine: The oils and butters in wave grease can create a glossy sheen on the hair, making it appear healthy and well-moisturized.
  3. Promotes hair growth: Some wave greases contain ingredients that can help nourish and strengthen the hair, promoting healthy growth.
  4. Helps with styling: Wave grease can make it easier to style textured or curly hair by providing hold and control.
  5. Protects against dryness: The oils and butters in wave grease can help seal in moisture, preventing dryness and breakage.

Is Wave Grease really worth the hype?

Like any hair product, the effectiveness of wave grease can vary from person to person. For some individuals, it may be a game changer in achieving their desired hairstyle and adding shine to their hair. However, for others it may not make much of a difference or may not work well with their hair type.

It's important to keep in mind that wave grease is just one tool in a hair care routine and should be used in combination with other products and techniques for the best results.

What is a wave check?

A wave check is a term used in the hair community to refer to the process of checking one's waves or curls for definition and overall appearance. It typically involves combing through the hair with a brush or fingers, making sure that each wave or curl is well-defined and uniform.

How do you stay prepared for a wave check?

  1. Touch-up as needed: If you notice any areas that need more definition, use a small amount of wave grease and a brush or comb to touch them up. This will ensure that your waves are uniform and well-groomed.
  2. Maintain with regular brushing: To keep your waves looking their best, make sure to regularly brush your hair in the direction of the wave pattern. This will help maintain their definition and prevent tangling.
  3. Protect at night: Before going to bed, make sure to protect your waves by wearing a durag or wave cap. This will help preserve their shape and prevent frizz overnight.
  4. Adjust for longer hair: If you have longer hair, you may need to adjust the amount of product and time spent brushing to achieve defined waves. Experiment with different techniques until you find what works best for your hair length.
  5. Be patient: Achieving and maintaining waves takes time and patience. Don't get discouraged if it takes a few weeks or even months to get your desired results. Keep experimenting and practicing until you find the perfect routine for your hair.
  6. Enjoy your waves: Once you have achieved your desired wave pattern, don't forget to enjoy them! Keep up with regular maintenance and styling to keep your waves looking their best.

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