Product Ethos

Community and Trust. Two things that must be built. South Beach Beard is committed to building both with those who choose to be a part of this unique community we are building. Honesty, Integrity, and Service to others are at the forefront of who we are. Our desire for Quality and Attention to detail is born from a desire to prove that a company can truly be a pillar of the community both economically and philanthropically while staying engaged and entuned with the pulse of its community members. South Beach Beard® offers One-Of-A-Kind Handcrafted beard products. Our company resonates with those who believe that in order to Feel Good, you must first Look Good.


Honesty goes a long way. Our commitment is to always present truthful and accurate facts, science, and research to back up any claims or information we present to our customers and community members. 


Honesty. Service to Others. Community. The other pillars of our Ethos feed off each other and strengthen our Integrity as a company. The community will hold us accountable. Service will keep us humble and in touch with our community. Our honesty will keep us as your trusted source for not only products but information as well.  

Service to Others 

It is an honor to serve you. Service can come in many forms; from a simple compliment that lifts the spirit to charity work in the community. We want to promote this culture not just from within, but it is our desire to encourage others to be of service as well. Kindness is contagious and we’re doing our best to spread it wherever we go. 


A community grows. A community evolves. A community accepts. Community means different things to people but the one thing that’s consistent in community; it’s the place people go to get exactly what they need. Join the South Beach Beard community today. We’d be glad to have you!